• Functional strength device which can be easily used around the home turning doorways into a home gym
  • Attaching to a door frame is quick and simple
  • Requires no drilling or tools, just place the top section on the door frame with the wide section across the opening
  • Padding holds the bar against the sides of the frame for a secure fit
  • Once mounted on the door frame, it can be used as an own body weight resistance to tone and build muscle on arms, back, chest and ABS, via pull-ups and chin-ups
  • Can also be used on the floor to perform controlled push-ups and dips
  • Bar is foam covered to provide a comfortable grip and avoid slipping
  • Placing the door gym at the base of the doorway allows for sit-ups to be performed
  • Material: metal with foam
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100kg
  • Weight: approx. 2.1kg
  • Dimensions: approx. 95cm x 46cm
  • Packaging dimensions: approx. 51cm x 22.5cm x 8cm


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