• Easy to grow
  • Enjoys a lot of light
  • Low maintenance required
  • On-trend, non-flowering, easy-care plant
  • Supplied as a pot grown plant in an 8cm pot
  • Also known as the rosary vine or Ceropegia Linearis Woodii
  • Semi-succulent plant native to South Africa with an excellent trailing habit
  • Ideal as a hanging plant pot or position it on the edge of a windowsill or bookcase where its heart-shaped leaves can freely trail
  • Vines are coiled in the packaging to protect them in transit, on opening gently unfurl the coils and tease apart the vines around the pot
  • Some leaf loss is unavoidable, however, they are fast-growing plants and shall regenerate quickly
  • Height and growth rate: the ultimate height is 10cm with trailing stems up to 2 meters (relatively fast-growing plant)
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